Why I do what I do

As I consider what to do with my life, I pray for guidance so that I may live my life according to God’s Will. I do not know the purpose God has for my life, but I do know that He will reveal the way, so long as I ask for guidance and have faith in His Divine Will.

Free Will allows me to do what I do. I often ask myself: “why did God give us free will?” If God knows the outcome of our lives, how could it be altered by our actions? And as I prayed, I realized that God wants the choice to return to Him to be ‘our’ choice, not one that is imposed upon us. It is the ultimate expression of a Father’s love, and as we go through life, we learn lessons that guide us. God wants us to be free.

To be free in the truest sense is a great responsibility. The word responsibility means “to respond”. To respond to more and more of life as we accept more responsibility is to take action towards family, home, environment, the world. In taking action, we clearly express our purpose. We grow in integrity as we become one with who we are and what we do.