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It seems we all wish it were possible to squeeze a bit more into each and every day. I know I do. When I am able to find extra time—ah, leisure!—I love to spend it in my number one hobby, photography. From time to time, I use this website to share my photos with you. I hope you will enjoy.


As I drift through photo books, I often see a place of such beauty that I imagine this must be what the Earth looked like in the days of Eden. Lake Maggiore in northern Italy is one such place for me. In the distance, the Italian-Swiss Alps stand majestically in centuries-old silence. Experiencing the serenity of such a place does something to the spirit.

St. Caterina del Sasso_Reno, Italy

St. Caterina

Last March my sister and I took the precarious hike down rickety steps to the 12th century hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso in the lakeside village of Reno. Saint Catarina is the patroness of sailors and, according to legend, the blessed Alberto Besozzi di Arolo took refuge on the rocks when a tempest capsized his boat. He prayed to God and promised to live as a hermit if he were spared. God was merciful and the saint honored his word, living as a man of devout faith to the end of his life. His mummified remains lie in the church. Santa Catarina del Sasso is still used as a monastery and pilgrimage site and is a source of true inspiration.


To be a champion of the environment is to make a conscientious commitment. “Green Living” is not a cliché. It is a conscious effort, a global, cultural movement to use resources in responsible ways to protect the Earth’s balance. As we grow closer to all things green, we feel the rhythm of Nature. We learn to trust our instincts and to move at a more appropriate pace. This website is green in the sense that it plants a seed. May the seed of awareness grow in the world and inspire hope to future generations.

Fireflies in a Jar The lightning bug, or firefly, is amazing. As a youngster, I aspired to capture the essence of its light in a jar. The humble bug continues to inspire me to create a sense of awe in everything I do. I believe it is through humility, awe and wonder that we begin to see the world as it truly is—full of images that bring joy in the realization that we are part of such amazing creation. And as we become aware of our part in all things, we begin to take better care. I know we cannot capture the light of a firefly any more than we can stop the world from spinning. But, perhaps by capturing images of life’s passing, we may share visions with creatures that create light inside a jar.


I’m a shutterbug! Taking pictures is my passion. It all started at age seven sitting in the backseat of the family sedan watching the scenery zoom by the car window, my nose pressed against the glass. I’ve wanted to capture that kind of fleeting imagery ever since—in landscapes, objects, and living things.

Daffodil, Mendocino, March 2011

Daffodil in Mendocino

The years I’ve spent behind a camera lens have given me a perspective that has transformed every aspect of my life. When confronted with a problematic situation, how can I take it too much to heart?  When I gaze upon an astonishing Daffodil I think about it sprouting up through the ground and it delicately mystifies my vision. I ponder its life. Where did it find such courage to seek the light? How did I not see its struggling beneath the earth? Its determination cannot be denied, for it knows it is a creation of God. How can I feel weak when I’ve witnessed the strength of such a tiny thing? Photography gives me great hope and encourages me to believe not only in what I can see but in what I cannot see as well.