Who I Am

I am a student of Life, devoted to the pursuit of finding beauty in God’s creation. I use my camera to capture glimpses of that which is mysterious and full of wonder. It is this that brings me the most joy and fulfillment.

I’ve heard it said that the mundane world is boring and uninteresting. Yet, I disagree. Wherever there is life, there is the possibility of amazing things and as the world is full of life, so is it full of absolutely amazing things.

It is in the exhalation of each and every inhalation that we sense wonder. In wonder, we know that we are God’s creation. Just as God created the Universe, full of trillions of divine sparks, so He created each and every one of us. And once we know this, we know there is no poverty. There is only abundance.

As amazing as Life is, only when it is shared is it fully experienced. To exist alone is to abandon all else and no one can abandon Life that sustains. When following the path back to God, no one is alone.